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4 Window and Door Trends That are Here to Stay

Designer Details: Stain, Color and Hardware Trend
Now that we’re more than half way through the year, some trends are showing their staying power. Whether you’re gathering inspirations from architectural magazines or scrolling social media, here’s a quick recap of four trends that have demonstrated they’re here to stay.

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Wide Open Spaces: Make a Statement with Oversized Windows and Doors

Three benefits to incorporating Weather Shield Windows & Doors into your next project – and it’s more than just for looks.

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Windows and Doors Deserve More Credit

Sometimes the power of a window and door is underestimated. Truth is, there’s a lot more they can do than some might imagine and selecting the right windows and doors for your home can make a big, dramatic impact. They can let in far more light and nature, and extend living spaces by blurring the lines between what’s outdoors and what’s in.

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Nothing Temporary About Transitional Design


Right now, transitional design is popular. Very popular.


Transitional design has grown from something thought of as a middle ground for cabinet doors to a new school of thought for architectural and interior design. By pulling together formal traditional design with the austerity of contemporary, a wonderful balance of warmth and sophistication is created.

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Open Up to Smart Home Automated Windows and Doors

By Chris Schield, Vice President of Marketing

The difference automation can make is astonishing.

Imagine pulling into your driveway and not having an automated garage door. You’d have to stop your car. Get out. Manually open the door. Get back in your car. Pull in. Get back out of your car again. Manually close the garage door. Then go inside.


That’s a lot of effort.


Now let’s think about how much impact an automated garage door makes. You simply pull into the driveway. The garage door opens. You park. You go inside.


That’s much better.


Along with a host of other smart home technologies that are redefining how we think about how we live, automated windows and doors offer significant improvements to convenience, safety, and energy savings around the home.

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